Membership Management Software with Thrive Cart, Active Campaign and WPFusion

Setting up Membership Management software with Thrive CartActive Campaign and WPFusion has to be my favorite way of managing my memberships.

After running my membership since 2016, I have tried and tested so many different programs for managing my members and memberships.

From Kajabi, 10XPro, WooCommerce, to now Thrive CartActive Campaign, and WPFusion, I feel like I have finally found the perfect mix that allows me…

+ Flexibility
+ Control
+ Ease of canceling memberships
+ Customisable
+ Automated member related emails like credit card expiry, membership renewal reminders, and more
+ Allows me to have everything all in one place on my WordPress website
+ Works great with my theme Buddy Boss and page builder Elementor.

So what does what and how can you make the most of these membership management softwares..?

– Thrive Cart –

Thrive Cart I use to manage the payments. So linked with my Stripe and PayPal, it gives me beautiful converting checkout pages, collects my member’s info, takes money from their bank account, and puts it in mine.

Then, after purchase, it creates a login for them to my WordPress website with MemberPress, adds them to my “members” list in Active Campaign, gives the member the tags I’ve told it to in Active Campaign which with WPFusion tells what on the website to give them permission to see.

And, triggers off the welcome email sequence in Active Campaign, to make the new member feel loved and welcomed.

It also, send all the member relates emails related to payments.

Finally, when someone cancels their membership, it takes off all the info that was added when they purchased like member-related tags. Which, automatically stops them from having access to member stuff.


* I love Thrive Cart because I’ve only had to pay for it once and have it for life.
** I also use it for all the affiliates that help me to promote our products.
***It gives you a fantastic subscription report so you can see how much your membership is making in total and your retention rates which are highly important in the membership model.

– Active Campaign –

I’ve already touched on Active Campaign a little. But in a nutshell…

I use Active Campaign to…

+ Offer all my freebies
+ Send weekly member eNewsletters
+ Send welcome emails
+ Send info about upcoming events.

AND, most importantly, using “tags” as a way to control what members see on my website.

For example;

If you purchase my membership, when you log in to the website, you’ll see a different menu to the one that logged out users see. If you have different levels of subscription then you might even see different things on the logged-in menu.

Having Active Campaign integrated with WPFusion allows me to not only communicate efficiently with my members but manage the access.

– WPFusion –

WPFusion has to be one of the most powerful plugins ever known to the WordPress membership world! Yes, you have to pay a very small fee for it, BUT, what you get in return is phenomenal.

This baby will trigger emails in Active Campaign when someone has completed a course (I use LearnDash).

It will tell the website to guard pages if people don’t have certain tags.

Only allow certain profile types to appear on our Directory.

And, it will also even hide pictures from a page if someone doesn’t have a specific tag. I use it with my WordPress page builder Elementor, to give me this power.

There’s a heap of different programs out there that WPFusion will integrate with but for the purpose of this blog is about memberships I will stay on the membership path.

So there are three different programs that you can use with your WordPress website to make managing your members VERY EASY and of course, as automated as possible!

If you would like any help setting up your membership, download my Price Guide >> and I would love to help bring your dream to life.

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