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Getting Started...

Wow, I am so excited you're on this page and looking at how you can get started with our services.

But before we dive into becoming automation besties, there’s just a couple of things you need to know…

1. Prettiness –

We may recommend some tools that might not look as pretty as others, but serve the function you’re wanting to automate, all different softwares allow and don’t allow certain information to be shared across each other, even using sparkely things like Zapier.


2. Make Sure You Are You Ready For Us – 

It’s important that you’re at a point in your business where you’re ready to make the best use of our services. For example; Knowing how you might want your sales process to work and making note of what you already have in place.

Or, thinking about what your dream process might be, that way, we can go ahead & see what we can make work or what might not be doable.


3. Price Guide –

 Make sure you download our Price Guide below and you’re at a point of being able to invest for our services. If you’re not at the point of being able to invest, feel free to check out our Blog >>.


4. Be Real About Your Expectations – 

There are thousands of different automations out there, and thousands of different software to set them up with. We can’t be a master of all, that’s very unrealistic. However, you can see what tools we work with here and we will do our best to be accommodating where we can.

In our Discovery Consult we will do our best to show examples of what softwares/websites look like and how they function. Please feel free to check out examples of our previous work here >>


5. Even More Real About Expectations –

Know from the get-go, that not everything can be automated and/or customised in your business. We will do our best to create a customised experience as possible, but some softwares won’t allow for full customisation.


6. Work involved & timelines – 

Whether we’re setting up automations, turning your website into a fabulous membership, or setting up an email, there will be some work involved on your part and ours.

This includes time for filling out briefs, information we might need for an email, or quick chats we might need to have along the way to communicate something with you.

We try our best to get as much information as possible up front, with big projects, the information gathering may be split into multiple parts.

If you’re in an extremely busy season, you have the choice to outsource website/email copy, or if you’ve not even got the time to test what we have created for you and provide feedback, now is probably not the best time to engage in our services.

Now we have that information out of the way, and if you are happy with all the above. All you need to do is download our Price Guide below to get a rough idea of our prices and packages, then book in for your initial FREE 15-min Consult and we will take it from there...

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