Is Thrive Cart Worth it?

So, if you’ve been following me for a while now, you’ll know how much I love Thrive Cart!

You may have looked at Thrive Cart‘s amazing one-off price and wondered if it’s worth it?

In this video, I am going to share with you why it’s been worth it for me to generate $100,000’s of revenue and been a great foundational cog that helps me keep my business running.

First off, what is Thrive Cart?

Thrive Cart is a high converting “cart page”, that lets your customers purchase your service, membership, or eCourse.

With the added bonuses of easy upsells, bonus offers, and affiliate management all in the one place, all for one set price.

I have used ShopifyWooCommerce, just Stripe, WooCommerce Subscription, PayPal, PayPal buttons on website pages, just sending out invoices. All of which are great, they had their time and place and cost me more through their subscriptions than Thrive Cart.

I have used Thrive Cart for about four years, what is it that I use it for, and what’s made it worth it to me?

My business background – I run an online community/membership, I sell eCourses, live events, online live events and I have a service-based (TAG) where we set up Memberships, eLearning platforms, and marketing automations.

And I use Thrive Cart for all of these, yep every single one of them.

I even take deposits for my service-based business with it.

What makes it so great for me to be able to use it for all the above?

1. The subscription function ROCKS!

Since their latest upgrade to add “Dunning Emails” it’s made running my membership SO MUCH EASIER! Now, not only does Thrive Cart take the subscription out, it sends my members automated emails that will tell them the following:

+ When a payment is due
+ When their credit card has expired
+ Overdue payment reminders.

This means, when my members fail to pay, all their permissions will get taken away and they can’t access anything on the website. A HUGE automation thing to have when running a membership.

2. I can offer easy split payments all on the same cart. So for an annual conference I run that’s let’s say is $450.00. I can offer on the same page for them to purchase for one price $450.00, five split payments of $90.00, and also add the virtual option too.

Then trigger different automations in Active Campaign, depending on which payment option they pick.

3. The cart page is customisable and highly converting! I can add testimonials, videos, pics, bullet points, gather different info.

4. I can create a custom “Successful Purchase” page with ease.

5. It integrates with my membership website beautifully (you can read my blog about how I manage and what Membership softwares I use here >>)

6. I can trigger so many wonderful things in Active Campaign easily from it.

7. I can create a beautiful, automated onboarding process for my services, I even have it linked to Content Snare so when a customer purchases something, Content Snare is triggered to gather the information I need from the client for the project – all automed!

8. There are no walls between Thrive Cart of Stripe, which means I can easily change and edit subscriptions in Stripe once someone has subscribed to a subscription, for example, increase the price without needing to start a new subscription. THIS WAS A BIGGY FOR ME THAT WOOCOMMERCE WOULDN’T LET ME DO!

9. I can run both businesses from it and don’t need a second account!

8. I can run different currencies based on the product. So I can have one membership in AUD and one in USD and they all get access to the same thing!

I could go on and on all day about how much time and effort Thrive Cart saves me, and how it helps me generate revenue.

For me, it’s paid for itself over and over again and I wouldn’t use anything else now!

If you’re like me, you run many different ways of payment and you’re sick to death of having to pay subscriptions, and you want to easily automation everything as much as possible, Thrive Cart my friend, is for you!

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