Membership Business Ideas

Are you thinking about starting a membership business and are maybe after some membership business ideas? I use memberships/subscriptions in a couple of different ways in my business.

Let’s take a look…

1. Plugins and Software

Being in the tech industry it’s easy for me to do this, but I invite you to think out of the box about what different products are on the market in relation to your niche that you can bundle up and re-sell. Just like how I do with Plugins & Software that we use to set up automations, memberships, and eCourses.

2. Services 

Is there an ongoing service you can offer as a monthly service? For example, we offer Podcast and Video Editing services. This means it’s a subscription, if you run a podcast or YouTube Channel, you know that it’s important to keep it weekly and consistently is key to any show, so people are willing to pay. What kind of services can you offer on an ongoing basis.

3. Online Community or Membership

I am a big fan of online communities after running mine since 2017. They help bring people with the same interests and values together and charge them a monthly, quarterly, or annual membership to be part of it.

You can also offer a “thing” for each month digitally or physically that a person can enjoy or teach them something. Like a music tutorial subscription or pilates.

4. Recurring Affiliate Commission

This one has to be one of my faves! Affiliate market is brilliant if you can find one that pays you ongoing and you don’t have to manage the software!

Even finding something that you can promote that is a big profit for the affiliate commission is a win!

If you don’t know what affiliate marketing is, it’s basically you promoting someone else’s product/membership/course/service.

They give you a unique link to share, and in return, if someone clicks on your link and purchases, you get a commission.

So there you go, multiple different ways you can add a subscription element to your business. If you would like help setting up a membership or subscription feel free to download our Price Guide and then book in a FREE 15-Minute consult!

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