Welcome To The Automation Girl

Welcome to The Automation Girl (TAG) ūüôā A place to come and learn about automation’s in your business hopefully saving you precious time and money in your business. In this post, I will share with you what we created TAG, how we can help you and 3 simple things you can do in your business today to make your life easier.

Why did we create TAG? 

You have a dream to create an awesome business, to go places where no one has ever gone before, you want to amaze your customers while supporting your family. You can’t do that why you’re stuck doing stuff in your business that one, can probably be automated or two outsourced. But it can seem scary, complicated or feel like hard work trying to do any of the above and that’s why we created TAG, we want to help awesome business owners like yourself create systems & automation’s to help make life easier and help you create a business of your dreams.

How can we help you?

Our philosophy is KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid! In everything we do we hope to we want to keep it as simple for you as possible. We’ve created a 2-way approach for you.

The DIY Approach through – THE AUTOMATION GIRL SCHOOL – we’ve created courses to help you learn and implement our strategies to your own business.

Have it Done For You (HID) – OUR SERVICES – If you don’t want to learn how to develop automation’s and would just like someone to do them for you check out our services were we offer “One Off”, “Hourly” or “Monthly” Packages.

3 Tips To Help You With Your Business…

1. You can keep automation’s Authentic – Don’t think just because you’re a human being with a heart you can’t create automation’s for your business or that you’re lazy… no way!¬† Automation’s are a smart way of setting up your business so you can concentrate on the things that matter the most to you… like your kids, adventures or working on your business instead of in it.¬†

2. Automation’s can be simple – Automation’s don’t have to be complex. They can be a simple as setting up a calendar so your clients can book themselves in to talk to you instead of 10000000 emails back and forth trying to find a time that fits. We love Acuity Scheduling for this.

3. Let go of the control!!!!! – If you’re going to scale your biz, you need to let the control go. Yes, you maybe perfect at everything you do in your business, but guess what!!! I bet their is someone out there even more perfect at doing stuff then you are. ha ha! So how about we let that control go and we look at maybe how we can outsource some of the things in your business so that you are not driving yourself crazy by trying to be everything in your business. Remember we said automations can be made up of software and HUMANS!!!!

So there you have it. 3 myths about automation’s that can radically change your business and life today.¬†

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