“How To” Set Up Annual Membership or Subscription Reminders in Active Campaign

Hey there,

In this months video I give an example of how to set up Annual Subscription or Membership reminder emails to go to your clients a month before they are due to renew to give them a heads up.

We will be using Active Campaign to do this and it’s integrated with WooCommerce on a WordPress website.

The key thing to remember when setting this up is to make sure you add in two wait times, your initial one when the customer first signs up for eleven months, then another one a year later from the eleven months to keep your dates accurate.

  1. Trigger is the tag that gets added when person buys the product.

  2. Add wait time of 11 months

  3. Send Reminder email

  4. Add wait time of 1 year

  5. Add a “Goal” to take them out of automation if they end their membership

  6. Add “Go To” action back to the top of the one year wait

And that it 🙂

If you have any questions or you would like me to set this up for you, book in for a 15 minute chat below or email hi@theautomationgirl.com.

Thanks heaps

SJ 🙂

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