Convert Box Review

Looking for a high converting way to promote your freebies to help build your email list? Take a look at our Convert Box Review.

ConvertBox is brand new to the market and we have been testing it out since day dot and this is what we have to say about and why we love it.

What is ConvertBox?

ConvertBox is a great way for you to engage visitors, build your email list, and drive more sales.

It lets you;

+ Segment your customers via creating pop-ups to ask them questions.
+ Build your email list with opt-in forms and pop up boxes
+ Boost Conversion with Countdown Timers
+ Integrates with all your fav marketing tools like Active Campaign
+ You can create Quizzes
+ You can see at a glance all your conversions so you can make quick decisions about what to do moving forward to keep building your list.

AND it’s only one, once-off payment and you have it for life and can use it for all your different business.

Take a watch of our video to have a look at “behind the curtains” and how we use it for our own businesses and what we set up for our clients.

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