3 Important Things I Do Quickly To Prepare My Email List For A Campaign

I want to give your email campaigns the best possible chance of landing in your customer or potential customers inbox.

In this blog, I want to share with you 3 simple things you can do to give your emails the best possible chance to beat the email bots! (This doesn’t matter what email software or CRM you’re using.)

1. Get rid of all the unsubscribed – before you send out any email campaign (aka, one-off emails) make sure you clean your list out and get rid off all those “unsubscribes”. Don’t feel bad or dwell on it, they’re taking up room in your CRM and life that you don’t need. If they are interested in you, they’ll join back up.

2. Get rid of all the bounced – Yep, every time you send an email to an address that bounces it (apart from typos) you get a bad score on your email server sending ID. So, delete all those bounced email contacts too.

3. Not matter what email you’re sending out, make sure you ask them a question that get them to reply. The more replies you get, the more “these are awesome, legit emails” score will go up and the email bots will welcome you and your email to your humans inbox.

So there’s three easy simple way you can give your emails the best possible chance of landing in your customers/tribes/warm potential clients inbox.

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