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So why does automating your business feel so soul-crushingly overwhelming?

If you’re here, then you’ve might’ve tried to automate before.

Congrats. But also, condolences. ‘Cause it ain’t easy, right?

So maybe you attempted to set up some email marketing  …

but tapped out when you couldn’t figure out how the hell to get your website to ‘talk’ to your email marketing software.

Or perhaps you tried to create an autoresponder …

but somehow got stuck in an infinite time-loop with somebody else’s autoresponder (and ended up shutting it down for the safety of the universe at large).

Or maybe you had no clue what plugins, software or tech

prowess you needed to get started. … So, y’know, you didn’t get started.

In any case, if automating your business feels scary, confusing and straight-out stressful, you’re not alone.

Which is where The Automation School comes in.