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“I hired The Automation Girl, to help me with an online virtual coaching program that I was writing.  Sarah-Jane has been nothing but brilliant!!  She was prompt with her work, she communicated clearly with me via video when I needed to learn technical procedures.  She left me with all the tools I need for success.  She took so much of the stress out of automating my website and producing an online course. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.”

Lou Mathieson

“Never have I enrolled in training before where you could actually start implementing it immediately! So many trainings promise this, but this was THE ONLY one where I could tangibly start making changes for my business that had an immediate effect. Not only is SJ an engaging and amazing trainer, the additional gems she shares about what works in her business and the encouragement she provides along the way is just priceless. I was able to tweak systems in my business after her demonstrating what she does in a matter of minutes! The automations that have been implemented save bucket loads of time, brainpower and the increased efficiency is just such a game-changer for me both in my business and personally. I would highly recommend SJ and TAG, they are the partner that you need in your business to accelerate you to the next level.”

kym siddons

“Working with SJ to upgrade my website was incredible… she produced a site that looks fabulous (far better than I imagined), is easy to maintain & update myself, integrates seamlessly with my CRM and social media pages and reflects my business and my personality beautifully. I can’t recommend working with SJ enough… Thank you SJ!”


“I have had a long term goal of creating  a membership in my business.  In my head, I had it figured out but sought Sarah’s help because she runs a successful membership and hoped she could improve on my plan.  Sarah turned my plan on its head and saved me from making a serious mistake.  She helped me to create a structure for my membership to ensure its effectiveness, I came away from that first meeting with incredible clarity and empowerment. Since then Sarah has helped me to plan and execute the automation and marketing of my business and I have just completed my easiest and most profitable launch ever.”


“I am literally about to hit the launch button on my own VIP membership subscription for my DIY Furniture painting biz, and I could NOT have done this without The Automation Girl’s amazing help. SJ helped set me up with a much better email automation system than I was using; walked me through the process of using Active Campaign for automating my VIP membership waiting list and follow up emails; set up an extra payment option on my site (I was missing out on customers, you guys!!); and integrated a new subscription product for my membership with my ecommerce store. It is so wonderful to know that I can trust someone to set these things up for me, without having to learn a whole bunch of tech and spend hours trying to figure it all out myself.
I totally recommend setting up a time with SJ to chat about your automation needs – and get ready to GROW your business!”


“Thank you so much SJ! You made the whole process easy and our new website is stunning. SJ knowledge is amazing and so lovely to deal with.

I would recommend The Automation Girl to everyone.”


“SJ has been absolutely wonderful to work with. She has been efficient, reliable, has clear communication and has brought my vision to life. She has made starting my online shop so much easier. I couldn’t recommend her enough! Thanks SJ!”


“AMAZING! SJ you have changed my life! 
I am a busy mum of two and struggling to keep up with everything I had to do! Between my business, school activities, extra curricular activities, passion projects and various appointments and social engagements that make up my life, I was slowly sinking under a sea of emails and to do lists! 

I rang SJ in a state and told her my troubles. SJ heard my cry and implemented a system for me to manage and integrate my inbox and to do lists so that at a glance my life made sense. 

Now I know exactly what I’m up and to and what needs to be done next, and for the first time, in a long time, I have time in my day to breathe!! 
Thanks Automation Girl!

(I think that should be your superhero name)”