Podcast Editing

Love recording your podcasts?

Hate doing the afterwork?

Trust me, I have had my own podcasts for over five years now, I get it! The recording side is easy, you love interacting with your guests or sharing something amazing to your audience, then you press the “stop record” and the anxiety kicks in with all the work that’s ahead of you to get the episode out to the world!

But what if…?

All you had to do was, hit “Stop Record” upload your audio file to Dropbox and a team of amazing wonders took care of the rest?

Where is wasn’t going to cost you a fortune, yet you know your podcast is in safe hands and you show never misses a beat and looks super professional on your Social Media chains…


Welcome to our Podcast Editing Services

Designed to help the killer Boss Lady out there go from OMGOSH to O-M-G-O-S-H!

We have two packages displayed below, need something a little more custom? No worries, give me a bell & we can work something out!

It’s time to share Your Voice…


4 Episodes Per Month

Polished Audio File

Feature Image

Create Show Notes

Social Post

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4 Episodes Per Month

Polished Audio File

Feature Image

Create Show Notes

Social Post

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Publish Email (broadcast)

Publish on audio Platforms

Publish on Website

This service is perfect for you if…

+ You are committed to creating an episode each week.

+ You value your time.

+ You want to create a growth engine for your business.

+ You want to build an audience and be seen as The Expert.

+ You want to serve your audience with quality content on a regular basis.

How it works & FAQ

I’m ready to go. what happens next?

To make sure we set things great from the get go, book in for a FREE 15 min chat so we can get all your specifics.

If you’re not ready for that, then download our “Price List” until you are.

Once we’ve met:

We’ve met and we’re good to go. You’ll be sent a email with a link to make payment.

We set up folders and links for you on our end then we are GOOD TO GO!

You upload your audio file with relevant info – we take care of the rest!


What if I don’t have a podcast yet?

No worries at all. We can help with that.

Book in for a one off project and we can set one up for you 🙂

How do I share my recording files with you?

We can go two ways with this…

We can set up a personal Google File folder for you to upload your recordings, and pop all the details in or, we create a Dropbox folder and a Trello Board, which ever works easiest for you.

I publish more (or less) than one episode a week. Can you help me too?

Absolutely!  We have different pricing for different publishing schedules.  Whether you publish daily, weekly, every other week or monthly, we’ll edit, write podcast notes and publish your podcast episodes for you.

Download Price List

Or book in for a chat...