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The Automation School

For Business Owners who are on a tight budget & want to learn how to set up automations for themselves…

How does it work?

The Automation School is set up in a way that you choose what you’d like to learn first and then make your way through the different courses as you need to.

For example; if you just want to set up online learning for your WordPress website, then you would pick the LearnDash 101 course.

If you want to learn how to set your Active Campaign up for success then you’d pick Active Campaign 101 and so on.

We have created a Welcome Series for you to make your way through that will explain more once you have enrolled in a course.

If you would like access to all the course then simply click here and you can sign up for an annual subscription.

These courses are set up pretty much like how you would have a consult with SJ on a 1:1 basis as she take you through what questions you might have about setting things up, only you work through the courses in your own time and set things up as you go.

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TAS Welcome Series

This is the welcome series for The Automation School, in this short course we're going to show you around the school & how to use the different bundles.

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In depth course

LearnDash 101

In this course, I teach you how to set up LearnDash on your WordPress Website so you can create online workshops/courses and/or improve the backend of your Membership website.


Short Course

Elementor 101

Elementor is an amazing plugin you can install on your WordPress website to make building pages, posts, landing pages easier, and to make your LearnDash courses look fantastic! In this course, we go through how to install Elementor to your WordPress Website, integrate it with Active Campaign or Mail Chimp and how to use Elementor to build pages on your website.


A majority of our courses are taught by SJ, Founder and Managing Director of The Automation Girl.

All you have to do is enrol in each course, make your investment and go for guns!


SJ, creates all the courses in The Automation School however you don’t get direct access to her. You are more then welcome to book in for a 1:1 consult with SJ via this link >>

We don’t offer refunds on any of our courses or subscriptions.

If you do want to cancel your annual subscription at any time, email accounts at hi@theautomationgirl.com and request to cancel your active subscriptions

You can get access to all of our courses through our annual subscription click here to subscribe at any time.

All of courses are delivered online via videos and written lessons and you can access them on any decive.