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Creating Your “Login In/Register” Page

Now we’re going to create a “Login” option on your menu for your students to be able to log in/out of your website.

We’re going to to this using The Shortcode as a Menu Item

1- Navigate to APPEARANCE > MENUS

2- Select the desired menu location

3- At the top right of the screen, select the Screen Options tab

4- Select all options under Show advanced menu properties

5- Under the Add menu items section, select Custom Links 
— In the URL field, add #login
— In the Link Text field, add “Login”

NOTE: The Link Text is not what will be shown in the menu. That will be configured in Step #7.

6- Click Add to Menu 

7- Expand the new menu item and add the following:
— In the CSS Classes (optional) field, add ld-button
— In the Description field, add [learndash_login login_label="Login" logout_label="Logout"]

8- Click Save Menu